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All of us as breeders spending a considerable amount of time learning about and
working with our breed of choice, have most definitely come across terms like
pedigree, blood line, inbreeding, linebreeding, outcross. I am convinced that, for
many, these words still carry an unknown and strange connotation, while other
breeders successfully used these powerful tools to get their programs closer to that
wonderful beast they are dreaming to present in the show ring or in the working trials.
A pedigree is like
               a music sheet, if    presence of singular dog far back   of the ‘chasing the champion dog’
               you want. If you     in the 5th or 6th generation. This  syndrome, where the breeders want
               randomly throw in    got me thinking about how much      to mate the females with the popular
                                    do we really know about the way     champion of the year, then with the
there the musical notes without any in which real bloodlines and real next champion, then with the next
coherence, thought or inspiration, pedigrees are built.                 and so on. In other situations, the
the result will be a disharmonious Pedigrees are formed in 3 reason why outcross is a prevalent
mixture of sounds, not the divine different ways: inbreeding (mating method is because a proven stud, due
music we all want to hear.          of individuals closely related to his power genes (his prepotency),
The pedigree basically between each other and closely produced great outcross puppies
represents the number of dogs that related through their very tight in several past litters and there is
combined together produced your relationship to a specific individual, a great interest from breeders to
puppy. Its parents, grandparents, for example pairing mother/son, try to replicate this result in their
great grandparents are all there, father/daughter, brother/sister), each and own kennels. And other
all with a greater or lesser linebreeding (mating of individuals times it is because, when two really
influence on the general aspect, closely related to a common exceptional dogs, with no common
health and temperament of your ancestor, for example pairing of ancestor, are mated, the first litter
dog. Ancestors appearing in the grandmother/nephew, grandfather/ may usually be homogenous and
pedigree from the 5th generation nice, nephew/niece, cousins etc.) of high quality, a result that makes
and beyond the 5th generation are and outcross (mating of individuals the breeder want to continue using
often considered by some to have that have no relation with each other the same method. However, if the
little to no influence in the physical whatsoever). In this calculation of exceptional puppies produced
and temperament expression of relationships, ancestors from the from this successful outcross are
your puppy (an ancestor appearing 5th generation and beyond are often not bred in a coherent way back to
in the 4th generation, in pure not taken into account in the greater the original line and they are again
mathematics, contributes only scheme of things, even if they were outcrossed, the result is often very
1/256 [or a mere 0,00390625] to the result of inbreeding themselves, disappointing. The reason is the
the heredity). From this point of unless their blood pops up again, great variety of genes for all the
view, it results that the presence of a closer to the dog whose pedigree we differences in their sire and dam. 
specific, singular, non recurrent dog are studying.                     Outcrossing may undeniably be
so far back in the pedigree should                                      an useful tool to bring to the line a
not be considered a significant     Outcrossing                         characteristic, a trait, or to eliminate a
factor.  But there are many                                             fault that the breeder did not succeed
situations where breeders look at is undoubtedly the most popular bringing or taking out through
a pedigree and assign a value or a type of breeding system used in our linebreeding or inbreeding. Another
non value to it by the non recurring breed. Sometimes this is because valuable use for outcrossing, for the

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