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W hat a question.                   head type, cumbersome structure,    produced in ignorance; by novice
                   Yet, here I am   health issue laden, over popular    programs. A breeder must have
                   in my 22nd year  breed. How did this happen and      an in-depth understanding of five
                   of Cane Corso    why?                                complicated, equally important,
involvement and observation                                             Corso categories in order to
worried that it might be so.        Lack of education                   establish a solid foundation for
                                                                        a breeding program. These 5
   When comparing the historic to      The Corso is a difficult breed   building blocks are accentual in
modern Corso, even a novice can     to master with few true “mentors”   order to honor the Corso in one’s
see there is a striking difference  to guide it. Unfortunately, most    program. They take years of study
between the two. The obscure,       of the puppies that have been       to obtain and vigilance to keep.
balanced, robust, functional dog    born in the last decades have been  They are Correct type, functional
is transforming into extreme

                       By Shauna DeMoss, CastleGuard Cane Corso USA

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