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THE CANE CORSO                          WEEdLitoCrs'OME

worldwide breed magazine      Dear readers, subscribers and collaborators of TheCaneCorso Mag-
      Nr. 2 / December 2016   azine, the year 2016 is almost over and we are ending it in style with
                              the brand new Christmas issue.
Editor                        We and our collaborators went to cover the historical First World
Corina Cotoi                  Review of The Cane Corso Italiano in Foggia and the SACC Raduno
                              Dell’Anno in Grosseto, we brought to you interviews with breeders,
Magazine design & publishing  junior breeders, handlers, a piece of history of one of the strongest
Ewa Larsson                   Italian bloodlines, articles and news from all over the world. We are
Advert design                 thrilled to be able to present the points of view of Vito Indiveri, Gi-
Ewa Larsson                   useppe Accrogliano, Luciano Angelino, Shauna DeMoss, Montser-
                              rat Fernandez Samon, just to name some of the great breeders and    breed specialists featured in our Christmas issue.
                              We will see you next year, with brand new articles, show results and
                              great interviews. Enjoy reading!

                                                            Corina and Ewa

LAEwRaSSON                                                                CCOoriTnaOI

Publisher, Designer, Judge, Breeder                                       Editor, Breeder
The United Kingdom                                                        Romania

My name is Ewa Larsson. I breed and show Bulldogs under affix             My name is Corina Cotoi. I am a Cane Corso breeder, the
Britisher Show Bulldogs. I am situated in Canterbury, England. My         owner of and the licensed dog behaviorist at PiaFidelis ken-
kennel was established in 1992.	                                          nel. Being a breeder, I am constantly researching informa-
My bulldogs live with me inside my house and are raised in a loving       tion on dog health, nutrition, behavior, temperament and
environment as one of the family. I believe this approach is reflected    trying to learn as much as possible about the Cane Corso.
in the behaviour of my dogs. Health, a correct temperament and
dogs of the highest quality are my goal.                                  I have a higher education in English Language /Literature
Between Spring 2006 and Autum 2015, I was serving as a commit-            and Philology and a MA in Cultural Anthropology and
tee member on the Bulldog Club Inc committee. The Bulldog Club            European Ethnography.
Inc is the oldest Bulldog club in the world, and holds the prestigious
Bulldog of the Year Show.                                                 My work experience includes a variety of fields, from
I am a Bulldog Breed Specialist Judge currently on “B” list.              teaching, translating, public relations, advertising to dog
Since 2001, I work as a graphic and web designer/developer, I spe-        behavioral training and accounting.
cialize in Dog and Cat breeder web design and graphics, developing        I am also the writer, editor, copywriter and designer of
unique custom designed web sites and graphics professionally de-          several children books.
signed by an Artist. I have an extensive Art School background with
many years of training in formal art and techniques, as well as substan-  Joining and working with The Cane Corso Magazine team
tial computer and web design knowledge. I specialize in eye-catching,     combines the things that I love the most - this breed and
high quality adverts which” stand out from the crowd”. I have created     the information related to it.
numerous web sites & graphics for Top Show kennels and responsible
domestic and International breeders as well as many custom graphics.                             The Corso Magazine | 12/2016 | ISSUE 2

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